Quickest Way on Getting a French Mobile Number

Hi, I notice one of the key things since arriving in France is how important it is to have a French mobile number. This has allowed us to drop our kids at the creche in Ikea, register for our official documentations, order our washing machine and many more basic stuff.

The quickest way I obtain a mobile number is through Lebara.fr. They have an English version of the website which is helpful and you will need a address for them to ship the SIM card to you. You could order a free SIM (mine came with 30 days 2GB data for free) or pre-pay for one of the competitive bundles (at time of writting, they had 80GB for €9.99). Some of the more generous bundles are only available at sign up and can’t be added later on.

My SIM arrived 2 days later. Once you receive your SIM Card, you will have 5 days to register it. This will require to upload some sort of ID and can be fully done online on the Lebara site.

You will only get your number once you put your SIM card in an unlocked device. A text message will be sent stating your number. It will be immediately active and you can start receiving calls.

Hope this is a quick helpful guide. I will add more stuff and quick tips as I go along!

Till my next post. À plus tard!

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