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people in stadium during daytime

Hear The Lionesses Roar

We witnessed history being created this evening when England’s Women’s Football team were crowned the European champions at Wembley Stadium! My daughter and I watched the live telecast on BBC and had a rollercoaster of emotions throughout. It is most definately a well deserving performance by the team and a fairy tale ending for the […]

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I Hate Snow

That is what I saw scribbled in snow on the front of a car. When I woke up this morning, I could see the owner warming up the engine. After breakfast, I took a peak at the balcony and saw that he has abandone his effort. Apparently the driver has given up as the snow […]

Black Wooden Fence on Snow Field at a Distance of Black Bare Trees

Snowing In Aylesbury

After hearing the people in the office talking about severe weather warnings, it came in full force after I got home. Will try and take a picture while walking to work tomorrow to show the full scale of the weather impact! Below are pics from my apartment window. I am freezing here!

Person Using Tromnbone

2010 London New Year Parade

I attended this years parade anticipating to see huge balloons like the below but not even one made an appearance. Where have they all deflated to? Despite the crowd, it was still cold and we left towards the end of the 3 hour long parade that started at noon. Click here to view the pictures that […]

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Secret Santa Gift

We gathered anxiously upstairs of the office near the break out area awaiting our gifts. The GM were singing tunes while passing us our presents and guess what did I get? A microphone as below. The budget of the gift was GBP 5.00 each and it was very thoughtful of the person since I worked […]

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I Got An Oscar

Look what took me by surprise on the desk in the office on Friday morning. A copy of the Oscar (this one has a Man-Gina! and akwardly holding a cup trophy) with my invitation to this year’s Office Christmas Party. I customized mine to say “Best Employee” and Trevor went a step further by placing […]

Back From Sweden!

Well, i just got back from Sweden about and hour ++ ago. It was snowing when I left Vasteras airport. It was super cool to see snow from the airplane windows. Yup, it might have been a while since I made any post on my blog. My effort just died off for no apparent reason. […]

Stayed At Home Instead

I did not go to work today. Well, I needed the rest anyways. I spent my time updating sites and catching up on paperwork for the company. Yup, the company needs a new website design as well. Don’t know when I manage to squeeze some time or even get the inspiration. I have been surfing […]


Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

My sister and I decided to go to Chinatown as it is the Mooncake Festival. I was not particularly keen about this celebration because I do not enjoy Mooncakes. It is not because I have anything against it, it is just something I would not choose to eat because I don’t like it. We took […]

Sales Assistant Shot At Harvey Nichols

Two People Shot AT Harvey NicholsYesterday, a sales assistant was shot twice in Harvey Nichols by her ex lover which took his own life as well. For you who are not aware. Harvey Nichols is situated very close to where I worked. The incident happened at 7:45 I believe when other sales assistants that saw […]