Stayed At Home Instead

I did not go to work today. Well, I needed the rest anyways. I spent my time updating sites and catching up on paperwork for the company. Yup, the company needs a new website design as well. Don’t know when I manage to squeeze some time or even get the inspiration. I have been surfing the whole day searching for sites that will be able to be great guidelines for the new site.

As usual, I want the site to be really special and be able to stand out. I will keep the current logo and colour scheme but re-organize the layout and management of the page. It will take weeks or even months before I can cough up a decent design for the new site. I have put a deadline sometime in November.

I will also be cooking dinner today. So, what’s on the menu you may ask. It is going to be Roasted Chicken that I will pour with Kurma Sauce that I just bought from Marks & Spencer. I also went into Boots to develop some pictures that I somehow manage to damage of a friends.

Also, I will finally be watching Robots tonight. The movie by the makers of ICE AGE with Ewan McGregor. One of my favourite actors. Should be booking my flight tickets to Sweeden as well.

That’s all for the moment. Till next time. Take care.

Benny Ong

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