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Writ In Water Surrey

I woke up early today as I am back in the UK for work and manage to sneak in a run in Egham.

I tried running in the open fields here several times during the winter and rainy months but it was either too dark or the water logged. I am glad I did it this morning and the part I enjoyed the most is this building structure, the Writ In Water.

Writ in Water, a monumental architectural installation conceived by artist Mark Wallinger and commissioned by the National Trust in collaboration with arts producers Situations, pays homage to the pivotal moment in history when Magna Carta was officially sealed over eight centuries ago at the banks of Runnymede. This awe-inspiring creation stands as a testament to the everlasting influence of Magna Carta in shaping the bedrock of common law worldwide.

Nestled within the heart of this ancient and storied landscape, Writ in Water invites visitors to immerse themselves in a profound experience that delves into the fundamental principles of democracy. Through the harmonious convergence of water, sky, and light, this remarkable installation provides a sanctuary for introspection, offering a sanctuary where one can contemplate and ponder upon the legacy of Magna Carta.

It is open 24 hours day (not sure if it lights up in the dark?).

The words on the borders are purposely done upside down so you can read the reflection of the letters. It shows Clause 39 of the Magna Carta.

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