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Lucky Day I Suppose?

I arrived back from London today after a business trip. The day started well when I did a self check in bag drop off on the terminal with my bag coming just 100 grams below my check in lugagge allowance of 23 kgs. I did not pre-weigh it and thought it was indeed well below the limit.

Everything went well with an expected slight delay of the gate announcement and follow on boarding in Gate 4A. I was asked to check in my hand carry lugagge which I left next to the steps up the plane for it to be loaded with the other lugagges.

Upon arrival in Paris, I was surprised that the conveyer belt had 6 bags and the screen stating that all lugagges have been delivered when it took me roughly 15-20 mins to clear security. I assumed it was a mistake like all the other passengers and continued waiting until a person from the airport informed us that there are indeed no more baggage to expect. I was handed a form to declare my missing bag which I did on the way home in a taxi.

As I expected it to come with the next flight, I googled the next incoming flights and there were two expected today but both were cancelled. I later found out that British Airways have suffered a major disruption and up to 50 flights were cancelled. All I can think about is the families getting ready for their long weekend travel being stucked in the airport.

Oh well, I am certainly lucky that I got to fly home and at least had one of my luggage with me. Now, lets see when my other check in luggage will show up. Apparently it has been located but I will be updated when it arrives in Paris.

What an eventful day. Till my next post!

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