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Update on Banksy vs GUESS

I happened to be in Central London today after meeting AWS in their cool office. As the weather have cleared up, I took the opportunity to make my way to Oxford Street and slowly made my way down Regent Street to Covent Garden to meet a colleague. I deliberately took this direction to check out […]

Crowded Street With Cars Along Arc De Triomphe

Learning French with Duolingo

It has been almost 90 days that I have been using Super Duolingo. I am not using it religiously but it has become my morning routine that I have 88 days streak. So, here is what I like about the app: The gamification with leaderboard and a community of learners The daily reminder that nudges […]

Passport Photos

Resident Permit or Passport Photos from your Phone

As part of moving to France and dealing with the authorities, we had to take several passport photos. We first had ours done at Timpsons as our kids were too short for the photobooths but were not quite please with the results and the costs. After obtaining our initial Visa to relocate to France, we […]

Side Hustle

Side Hustles

Well, what side hustles do you have? I just watched the netflix show “Get Smart with Money” and coincidentally a facebook feed showed someone flipping items online for cash. It got me thinking about planning about the future and entertaining the idea about early retirement. This inspired me to list an item on Facebook marketplace […]


ParkRun France Suspended

My planned weekly dose of 5km run have been suspended for several months now. I found this out about a week ago after trying to find my closest event. I was looking forward to continue our weekly family run and feeding off the energy of other fellow runners. We are regular participants due to the […]

Restoring My Old Posts!

Over the upcoming weeks, I am looking into recovering some old posts and combining it into my blog. I know some of the backups exist in my old drives and wayback machine. This will be a good experiment to re-populate the pages and re-uniting all the content to my current blog. If you see some […]

R.I.P Queen Elizabeth II

It is sad news and my kids are gutted. The longest reigning British Monarch have sadly passed away today. She was the only ruling British monarch in my lifetime so far. I admire her for the sense of duty she had and navigating through so many challenges from wars to scandals within the royal family […]

Brown Cardboard Boxes on Brown Wooden Floor

Everything Packed & See You In Paris

Finally, we cleared out the house. Everything is packed and heading to Paris and probably already in France by the time you read this post. Can’t imagine we manage to squeeze in all our belongings into the back of the truck. We will get reunited with them in roughly a week’s time. Thanks to all […]

Farewell To My Neighbours

I have started to let my neighbours know that we will be vacating the place in roughly a weeks time. Messages of congratulations poured in. It was such a shame that I didn’t spend more time to get to know everyone on my road rather than the occassional hi and goodbye with small talks. I […]


Best Places To Get Rid Of Your Furniture & Belongings

With our upcoming move to France, we had to declutter the home and get rid of some of our belongings. The following are places that we found most useful on trying to get rid of stuff. Our main focus was to re-homed our items as fast as we can. Facebook Marketplace (Fee Free) We sold […]