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The Bravest Lion – A Story Written by AI

I was introduced to AI by a colleague and have been experimenting. I asked AI to write a Children Story about courage and the result is impressive. See the story below. Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a little lion named Leo. Leo was small for his age and […]

A Bit of Taste of Malaysia

Managed to end up in Staines Food Court for dinner last night and there was a Malaysian Stall called Onde Onde. I couldn’t resist by ordering one of the most popular dish Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang. It was nice to have some comfort food and I certainly do miss Malaysia after not being home […]

Red and Black Chairs in Stadium

Malaysian Wins Golden Globe Award

And finally, Michelle Yeoh wins a well deserving Golden Globe Award for her performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once! Lets hope it’s the Oscars next. Here is her speech at the press room post the ceremony and I hope she inspires a new generation of performers to reach for the sky!

Android Studio

I finally created my first Android App with Android Studio. I had prior experience before using a third party app creator which makes the experience this time around easier. My app with the highest installs is at 1,000+ and I am hoping that I can beat that record. It is now awaiting approval before being […]

Are You Ready For Christmas Yet?

Doesn’t it feel nice that Christmas is around the corner. We went ice skating for the first time as a family yesterday at A Côté 2100. I usually avoid such places but it so near to where we live and most importantly, the kids had a good time. I still have a few more days […]

Different Species of Dinosaur Plastic Toy on a White Surface

First Coloring Book Published on KDP

Received the confirmation that my coloring book has been published! Here are the link to the book in the US and UK Amazon stores. It is also available in all other Amazon stores globally. What I Learned On My To Do List

Free Astrobiology Comic Book

Did you know Nasa produces tons of free materials for you to openly share. Here is a series of comic book to learn more about Astrobiology. I use it as inspiration to create a new coloring book about Space Exploration. I am also using it as an opportunity to embed flipbooks into my post. Hope […]

Low Content Publishing

I heard about this term a while back but didn’t pay too much attention on it. As the title says, it refers to books that don’t have a lot of written content in the interior pages such as colouring books, notepads and journals. Yesterday I explored publishing a colouring book through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing […]

Update on Banksy vs GUESS

I happened to be in Central London today after meeting AWS in their cool office. As the weather have cleared up, I took the opportunity to make my way to Oxford Street and slowly made my way down Regent Street to Covent Garden to meet a colleague. I deliberately took this direction to check out […]

Crowded Street With Cars Along Arc De Triomphe

Learning French with Duolingo

It has been almost 90 days that I have been using Super Duolingo. I am not using it religiously but it has become my morning routine that I have 88 days streak. So, here is what I like about the app: The gamification with leaderboard and a community of learners The daily reminder that nudges […]