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Magic System – Magic In The Air

This song is almost 10 years old and made it to my playlist thanks to my son who heard it in a party. I recognised the rhythm but couldn’t precisely point where I first heard the song. The familiar track soon was on repeat on my spotify.

This group has a special meaning to me as my dad used to work in Liberia which is a neighbouring country of Ivory Coast (now known as Cote D’Ivoire). Back to the group.

Magic System is a vibrant and dynamic music group hailing from the beautiful country of Ivory Coast in West Africa. Since their inception, this talented quartet has captured the hearts and ignited the spirits of millions with their infectious rhythms, mesmerizing melodies, and powerful messages.

With a unique blend of traditional African sounds, reggae, zouglou, and pop, Magic System has established themselves as one of the most successful musical exports from the continent, making waves both locally and on the global stage. Their music transcends language barriers, uniting people across cultures and continents, and embodying the spirit of joy, unity, and celebration. With their captivating performances and uplifting lyrics, Magic System continues to be an influential force in the music industry, representing the vibrant and diverse musical landscape of Ivory Coast while leaving an indelible mark on the world stage.

I hope you enjoy this song!

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