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After hearing about my friend’s trip to Gopeng for caving and rafting, I was all excited and organized a day trip with some of my peers from the office. We started the day early by leaving Sungai Buloh at 7.15 p.m. The 200KM drive to the destination took about 2 hours whereby we arrived a little bit earlier than required.

Main Entrance of Gua Tempurung

The guides from Riverbug arrived on time and we they introduced themselves as Max and King. Both of them are Sabah natives. Once we geared up, we started our journey climbing over 900 steps from the mouth of the cave and ventured in deeper and deeper. Throughout the journey, we saw magnificent sites of historic markings of the communist that took shelter there and also from the miners. The natural stalegtites and stalegmites also took shapes of amazing creatures such as elephants and the mystical dragon. I tried to take load of pictures but due to the amount of light exposure, it did not turned out fairly well. I had to hand in my camera to the guide for safekeeping in a water proof bag.

A Convoy of Cars and a Clock Drawn by Communists

Some Chinese Words Left By The Miners

We reached a dead end of the cave with a steep slope that leads to darkness. We were told to slide down and as more and more of us when down, our head lamps brighten up the area. We were soon gathered around this small hole whereby we were told that we needed to squeeze ourselves in. At first, I thought it was just the guides messing around with us but apparently not! I can’t help it but keep the movie “The Descent” playting in my head over and over again. The route that we took required us to commando crawl on the water and submerged ourselves to nearly head deep. We survive the whole route of about 2 hours.

The Exit of Gua Tempurung

Before I forget, if you are planning to go caving anytime soon, get head lamps as it saves you the hassle of carrying a torch light while you are crawling and avoiding obstacles. It was soon lunch time whereby we were served with Chinese food cooked in Kampung style at My Gopeng Resort where our base camp is for our whitewater rafting activity.

Lunch Time at My Gopeng Resort

Once filled up, we were given a quick safety briefing which I found very helpful. They demonstrated how we should handle ourselves if we go overboard and some body rafting tips. We then carried our rafts to the river where our journey was about to begin.

The water level of the river was low and they mentioned it was on rating of 1-2 instead of its usual 2-3/3-4 in November. Since it was my first time, I did not mind. Here are some sequence shots from one of the drops in the rapids.

Surviving One Of The Rapids

The whole rafting journey lasted for two hours covering about 7 kilometers.

The Final Group Photo

As a conclusion, it was indeed a different way to spend the weekend and my next return there will be to jungle trek to Cameron Highlands.

That’s all for now!

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