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What would be a better plan than Melaka to kick start the long weekend. I had mixed feelings on how the traffic would be like because of the holidays but braving it turned out to be well worth it because it was smooth sailing all the way. The traffic reports of it being jammed packed in the wee hours might have resulted the roads to be clear on the first day of the Hari Raya celebrations.

The drive to Melaka took about just under two hours whereby I finally saw MMU after hearing so much about it. I picked up Song Yia’s brother and friend before heading to the city center for A Famosa. There were not much additions since I was last here about 4 years ago but the only difference was I am now behind the wheels guided by a local.

On Top of St Paul’s Hill


A Famosa Fort: The Most Photographed Landmark in Melaka

Check Out My Big Cannon

It is also worth mentioning the newly discovered wall of the old fort which is just a stone throw away. There are plans to reconstruct the whole wall to it’s original setting. Let’s see how long that will take.


The Site of The Old Wall

The weather which was perfect for walking did not last long and we had to seek shelter in McDonalds opposite Melaka Zoo. Looking at the rain which did not showed any signs of slowing down, we gave up and headed back to our newly made friend’s house to watch Apocalypto directed by Mel Gibson.

After a short nap and refreshing shower, it was time for dinner. We headed to the Portuguese Settlement for food along the beach front stalls. The food was of decent quality and price. After dinner, we hanged out at Wings Music Café before making our drive home to KL.

All and all, it was another day well spent!

Benny Ong

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