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My modem went dead after the heavy rain and I remain puzzled to what has happened as everything was connected through a power surge protector. I later realized that the source could have been through my phone line instead. It was no harm as I wanted to replace my faulty wireless modem and router from Aztech anyways.

It was already in the pipeline to drop by the Digital Mall in PJ SS14 to get new hard disks and getting some additional gadgets should be no harm.

The Digital Mall in SS14

The place itself was no different from Low Yat Plaza and the drive there was certainly more pleasant. There were countless of floors with techie goods and my all time favourite IT Hypermart All I.T was situated on the top floor. I am always impress by the amount of stock they keep and it being displayed openly instead of asking someone over the counter like many other computer shops do. This outlet is definately a blessing as I hate driving all the way to Low Yat in the city center where it was the first All I.T I visited.

Just in case you need a map to get there which I extracted from their official website:

The only thing I disagree with the whole mall is the shops that charges consumers an additional 2% for paying with credit cards. I believe the sellers should take on the costs and not the consumers. I know there are certain merchant costs involved but if I were to run a business, I would calculate it in a way whereby I would absorb the costs and not my customers. I agree that there are rooms for arguments here but aren’t we moving towards a cashless environment whereby transactions through card should exceed spending cash like many advance countries?

Well, enough said before I get to deep into my views. I can’t wait to install my newly acquired purchases.

Benny Ong

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