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I have decided to compile a travel log of pictures from each major city or country that I have visited over the years. One of the main reasons I have decided to compile them is because as the years go by, I would forget some fine details of my trip. I believe from writing them down, it will remind me of the happy moments. When I have some more spare time, I would create individual posts for each of this trips.

London, United Kingdom (2003)

I was in London as you may know for obvious reasons. Well, let us look at it from a tourist point of view. I arrived on a MAS flight in the early morning and can still remember the cab driver taking me from Heathrow Airport to London South Bank University. When I cross the road using the pedestrian crossing, I was surprised that the motorist did actually stop for me.

Athens, Greece (2004)

This was my first official summer holiday for me and I have never taken a holiday by myself. I spent a week in Greece and experienced the Greek Hospitality while staying at my friends place. It has been a childhood dream of mine to see the ancient city of Athens.

Rome, Italy (2005)

We stayed at Hilton on this trip thanks to a friend who works for them. This was one of the most exciting trips ever. It is yet another childhood dream of mine to see the Coliseum.

Vatican City (2005)

Aha, the smallest country in the world. Well, it is more of an independent state. I got to know about this country when I started to collect stamps and never thought that I would actually be there one day. We saw the tomb of the Pope and the Sistine Chapel.

Amsterdam, Netherlands (2005)

Never actually was fascinated about Amsterdam until I realize about the Red Light District. It was indeed a very nice and organized place. They have the smallest places and we traveled using the Amsterdam Pass which gave us discounted transport from the airport and a 72 hours travel card with free entrances to loads of tourist attractions.

Stockholm, Sweden (2005)

I was here on an invitation from my friend whom I worked with at H&M. I stayed at her apartment for about three nights and it was great. We spent almost a day on foot and saw most main attractions. I particularly enjoyed Gamla Stan which is the old city.

Berlin, Germany (2005)

Another historical place I so wanted to visit when I was young and I stayed in West Berlin. Major attractions visited were The Berlin Wall and Jewish Memorial.

Singapore (2006)

I ended up in Singapore after a very funny incident. Had loads of fun and came back extremely tanned. Finally got to see Merlion and the fountain of Wealth in Suntec City after seeing it on TV. I was there when I was very young and only remembered Sentosa and the Zoo. This time, I went to the Night Safari.

Moscow, Russia (2007)

I was in Moscow because of a one week business trip and I arrived home on day one of Chinese New Year. I can recall it was -16 Degrees when I landed there and the roads were muddy. On the last day, I went out on a walking trip alone and sprained my foot because of the icy surface.

Cardiff, Wales (2007)

Was meant to visit Wales when I was a student in London but never got to it. I took the chance to visit Wales on a day trip while I was working on a project in London. I like the environment there as it was very quiet and seem peaceful.

Brugges, Belgium (2007)

A day trip over the weekend when I was in London working on a project. The British immigration officer was questioning as we tried to enter back in Dover.

Siem Reap, Cambodia (2007)

This trip was planned out about 6 months ago before it was materialize. We flew by Air Asia and we stayed in an Irish Bed and Breakfast next to Pub Street in the city center of Siem Reap. It was fun.

Places that I want to visit:

New York, USA

Dubai, UAE

Cairo, Egypt

Tip#1: Always book early to get the best deals