Sales Assistant Shot At Harvey Nichols

Two People Shot AT Harvey Nichols
Yesterday, a sales assistant was shot twice in Harvey Nichols by her ex lover which took his own life as well. For you who are not aware. Harvey Nichols is situated very close to where I worked. The incident happened at 7:45 I believe when other sales assistants that saw the incident ran to our store and cried as I was told.

Today, a thief tried to get away with a bunch of leather jackets but failed to do so. She droped all the stuff on the road as she was chased by the security guard and another sales assistant. The security guard manage to get the boyfriend instead but later release him because he did not physically took anything as it was the girlfriend who grabbed the things. This is one of the things that I hate most. At times, you know that the person is dogdy or a thief but you just have no evidence to charge that person. If that person was handed over to the police, he would have been released as well.

That’s all for the moment.

Benny Ong

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