Same Old Same Ol

Same Old’ Same Ol’

Today is pretty much like everyday. Nothing special really although I manage to finish workearly at 14:40. When I got back at the main entrance of the flat, I could see a chinese couple moving in. It reminded me of the day when I first move into Queens Court. It was a very scary experience as the thought of packing everything we had and hiring a driver and a van to move the stuff can be daunting. This are the times when you realize how much junk you’ve got. The funny thing is, everytime I move, I will manage to dig out some food stuff that I can’t remember buying or have forgotten ages ago. Other things to worry about includes the new flatmates that you are going to have and the landlord. I am fortunate enough to have good flatmates so far. Phew, I am dosing off as I am writing this post… I will be off to bed in a couple of minutes or even maybe seconds. Did you know that the laptop is just in front of my bed. So, it becomes the last thing I see before I sleep and the first thing I see in the morning.

By the way, I have managed to finish the first stage of website after almost a weeks delay. Visit it if you have the time.


Benny Ong

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