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4 Years since Sept 11

Can you believe it that 4 years has passed since that tragic day? Neither could I. I was still in school during that time and was just about to sit for my examinations soon. My parents were abroad at that time and we called each other the next day to share our shock. The images kept repeating over the news and it was basically what everyone was talking about.

Today, it seems like the weather is mourning as well. It has been cloudy all day followed by little drizzles like tears of someone trying to be strong at time of sadness. Nature as well felt it.

The initial plan of the day was to go to Ikea in Brent Park. We were to take the tube to Neasden but the Bayswater station was shut because of signal failure. We took a walk to the next nearest station and found it closed for plan engineering works. The plan was then cancelled for obvious reasons.

We decided to buy a whole week supply of food and cook a lovely and nice dinner together. We rented the movie Acasia, a korean horror film to watch as well. It was boring as most asian horror movies are.

It was a quiet and memorable day.

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