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34% Discount Limit

I have been eyeing the Chocolate aisles in my local Carrefour for further discounts of the Christmas Chocolates but the discounts have seem to be frozen at 34% ever since the new year. This made me curious to investigate further. I found out that there is a law that was enforced in 2019 which limits the discount of food products to 34% of its retail price.

The law apparently was to ensure that food producers are always getting a fair amount for their goods and prevents heavy discounts at the expense of food producers.

I also found an interesting article about heavy promotions which led to Nutella riots in local supermarkets in 2018.

There are also limits on the amount of promotions and discounts the store can have at any one time.

It seems the rules doesn’t apply to every single food product as I occassionaly do get juice, smoked salmon & yogurts discounted by 50% when it is near it’s expiry dates.

It is fortunate that this limit does not extend to other products like electronics & toys which are heavily discounted during the January sales.

Well, till my next post as I continue to discover more about France.

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