Lion Dance Show

Lunar New Year Parade in Paris

After 3 years of absence, the Lunar New Year Parade is making a return to Paris. Today, we braved through the crowds and made our way to join in with the celebrations. It was crowded as expected but the sights and sounds made it worth it.

I could barely take any insta-worthy photos as I had to look after my kids and navigating through the big crowds. There were many clans and associations featured in the parade.

Colourful Lion Dance
One of The Deities – I Believe It is Goddess of Mercy

By the time we returned home from the parade, on the other side of the world, my parents and sisters in Malaysia were celebrating “Pai Ti Kong”. This is an auspicious day for the Hokkien clan where they pray to the Jade Emperror on the ninth day of Lunar New Year!

Well, till my next post! Have a good evening.

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