Doctor & Dentist Appointments in Paris

Woke up with a toothache and I manage to get an appointment to a Dentist and a further one for a Stomatologist using the app Doctolib for the same day.

The experience were pretty seamless. The key thing is you need to register for the app Doctolib which gives you access to book consultation with the many medical professions available. I manage to register my kids as well.

The search feature allows you to filter for clinics that are nearby to where you are and by medical profession you are looking for. It provides available slots for you to book an appointment. I used first consultation for my bookings as I have not been to either before.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your booking. The app also prevents you making multiple bookings to avoid duplicates. You may cancel bookings if you are unable to attend but beware that you will have to call the clinic directly if you are cancelling too close to your actual appointment.

The app and site is only in French but it does allow you to search for languages that the Doctor speaks. For convenience, I went for Doctors that speak English.

As I only arrived 3 weeks ago, I don’t have the “Card Vitale” yet, I was still seen by the doctors without any issues. I only had my passport as proof of ID to get registered and needed to provide my mobile number and address.

Hope this is helpful for you if you just arrived and starting to settle in France.

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