France Here We Come!

After an eventful series of visits to the Visa Center, we finally received our entry visa to France over the weekend! It’s official, flights are booked, we are moving. It wasn’t an easy decision but the opportunity seems too good not to grasp. We have always moved within Europe as a couple and had the experience of being based in Hamburg & Amsterdam before most recently settling in the UK. There are added complexity moving with kids mainly revolving around education and schools.

As the clock is ticking, we have a few weeks left and will be busy packing in the upcoming days. We have freegled some stuff away, sold some on Facebook Marketplace and donated some. It does feel good to de-clutter and I can’t believe we have accumulated so much stuff over the years. Think we need an annual spring cleaning to reduce hoarding tons of stuff.

We are all looking forward to the adventures that awaits us. Hopefully, we will be able to do some touristy thing with the kids and that I can document and share some of those experiences here.

Till my next post!

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