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Just to point out something that I do regularly blog in my companies intranet and sometimes of similar topic like this one. To not re-invent the wheel, here is a modified version of what I have blogged in the site.

Greetings everyone, it has been ages since the last blog. This time around, I am using a different style like what one would pen down in a travel log or diary. I hope you will enjoy reading it and please do share your feedback and comments. Here it goes…

Sometime last week, the Tech Services BTAs organized a visit to Singapore with the intention to drop by the BAT Singapore Factory, Data Center and HP Cooltown. (You must be really curious on what Cooltown is, just hang on there and I promise it will be revealed somewhere in the blog)

Emphasizing on cost savings as a priority we took a five hour coach ride down to Singapore straight after work. This totally reminded me of the schooling days when we used to go on field trips during long weekends or when school is off. Having 8 energetic BTAs in a coach ride, I will leave it to your imagination on how it would be like. All I can say is that you would not have wanted to share a ride if you intend to relax. We reached Singapore pass midnight and took the last MRT from Harbor Front to our accommodation.

The bunch @ BAT Singapore

It was a busy day for us the following morning as we started off our visit with the BAT Singapore factory at Senoko Loop. It was nice to see a familiar face, Sardor greeting us as we walked into the reception area. Our factory visit started shortly when we kicked off with the Primary Manufacturing Department followed by the Secondary Manufacturing Department. We were made to wear ear plugs because of the noise level. We restrained our itchy fingers from touching and even smelling anything unless our trustworthy guide says it’s fine. One of the major things that attracted our eyes was the level of automation used and the speed that the sticks are produced. Although the technology has existed for an average of ten years or more, it was still no doubt intriguing for the BTAs.

BAT Singapore

Next on the agenda was the HP Data Centre which reminded me of a scene from the movie The Matrix with countless rows of servers as far as the eye can see. We were indeed impressed with everything there but we collectively would have wished someone would have told us to dress appropriately for the air conditioned room. The additional fans installed over BAT’s brand new EMC2 and Blade Server racks were a contributing chill factor. This reminded me of us saying that DC meant Damn Cool.

Before we knew it, lunch time arrived and we then headed on to the major highlight of our trip, HP Cooltown. Cooltown is a platform where HP can showcase to its customers the latest technology and advancements that they are developing or messing with in their labs. It is HP’s equivalent to Orange’s Innovation Garden if you have been to it. We were bombarded with the coolest ever gadgets and tools.

Hooters @ Clark Quay

Being there was exactly like fast forwarding a couple of years into the future. Some of the technologies demonstrated were applied in the medical, banking and F&B industry. They even previewed their Video conferencing technology that they jointly developed with Pixar. Using our creativity and the right investments, I believe some of this can be adopted into BAT. We left with the endless possibilities that all this can lead to and even how it can be used to improve the lives of mankind.

Ministry of Sound

Before we end this post, we would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who has made this visit possible especially Gareth, Sardor, BAT Singapore and the guys from HP.

Let me end the post with this question, wouldn’t you agree that walking a mile is more educational than reading a mile of scrolls?

Thank you.