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Oct 31


I received this mail today and believe your support can help. The e-mail are as follow:

The innocent victims of Internet child abuse cannot speak for themselves.

But you can.

With your help, we can eradicate this evil trade.

We do not need your money.

We need you to light a candle of support .

We’re aiming to light at least One Million Candles by December 31, 2006.

This petition will be used to encourage governments, politicians, financial institutions, payment organisations, Internet service providers, technology companies and law enforcement agencies to eradicate the commercial viability of online child abuse.

They have the power to work together. You have the power to get them to take action.

Please light your candle at or send an email of support to [email protected].

Together, we can destroy the commercial viability of Internet child abuse sites that are destroying the lives of innocent children.

Kindly forward this email to your friends, relatives and work colleagues so that they can light a candle too.

Feel free to copy this mail and send it to your friends.

Benny Ong

Oct 30


Today, I tried Body Combat for the first time at my company’s newly built Lifestyle Center. They have recently introduced Yoga, Latin Salsa and Body Combat classes. Me being a sucker for free lessons did not hesitate to sign up for a free Body Combat trial courtesy of the instructor.

I changed into my matching working out outfit in the office and was all pumped up and ready for the lesson. Since I do exercise regularly (yeah… rite), I though the class will also be breeze but I was more than wrong.

Well, as a quick intro as extracted from a website; BODYCOMBAT™ is the empowering cardio workout where you are totally unleashed. This fiercely energetic program is inspired by martial arts and draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai. Supported by driving music and powerful role model instructors, strike, punch, kick and kata your way through calories to superior cardio fitness.

Here is a video from Youtube on how it is like:

Gyms like Fitness First, True Fitness and Celebrity Fitness should have such classes but I am not sure. However, I do encourage that you find out more. I recommend Body Combat to those who would want an intense cardio workout.

Apologies for not having any pictures from that session as I did not see a point in bringing a camera to the gym.

Well, I need to bare with the sore muscles and aching back as reminders of my encounter with Body Combat. It will definitely not be my first and last Body Combat class as I actually sign up for it if my Latin Salsa class is bad.

That’s all for the moment and till next time, take care….

Benny Ong

Oct 26


Greetings all,

Let me write a quick one for today, I just read the mail about my work travel and guess what? I will be leaving for South Africa on 19 Nov and London on 2 Dec.

I have always wanted to go to South Africa and my dream is about to come true.

All the travel has certainly got me excited and I have already made arrangements to meet up with my buddies back in the UK.

Let’s all hope that this are tasters of what is to come in my career.

Benny Ong XXX

Oct 25


Greetings all,

Yup, I am officially back in Bukit Jalil, KL and ready to get life back in the rat race. (although my ideology is to get out of it) The stay in Penang was a much needed one and I somewhat have sinked in to my life in KL.

I had an appointment with the girls at work for Dim Sum breakfast at A Little Dim Sum Place (That is the real name) in Hartamas that was organized by JC. I picked up JC (My GPS Navigation system) before making a stop at Bangsar to grab Gajana.

We were of course the earliest there and we started ordering as we please. The selection was reasonable and it was served to the table as ordered by looking at the menu instead of the traditional methods where trolleys were pushed around.

The others soon arrive and we ended up talking about a lot of stuff. Although I am not too particularly proud about it because my manhood was attacked numerous times. I am surprise about how open they can be and the range of diverse topics that can be covered within that duration and how it can smoothly progress from one topic to another. I salute Women for that ability!

Angie (with make up on) left earlier for a movie at Mid Valley and I was left to accompany the girls shopping at the small boutiques around Hartamas before having lunch at Old Town Restaurant.

I soon parted with the girls and headed to Ikea to see Chuen Ping, she is down here from Singapore for a short visit. She was one of the closest friends of mine when I was in the UK. I kidnapped her from her host to have pancakes at Paddington House of Pancakes (I hope I got the name right). I had a drink called fizzy ginger and orange which I believe was the cause of my constant burping and gas emissions for the rest of the evening.

I soon parted with her and went home to watch 5 episodes of Desperate housewives back 2 back.

That’s all for now….

Benny Ong XXX

Oct 24


First of all let me take the opportunity to wish all my muslim friends from around the world, Happy Eid or Selamat Hari Raya!

I can’t believe that I have spent three days already back in Penang and in about approximately an hours time, I would be in the car heading back to KL to avoid the much anticipated jam tomorrow. It was a nightmare on the way back to Penang and I would have been able to reach faster by walking. Enuff…. said…..

My return to Penang was a much needed one and it is like escaping reality where I have projects due by Friday and a presentation on Tuesday. I try to forget it during the duration of my stay but can’t help it reminding myself of the things that needs to get done when I return.

I just did some shopping today at Sunshine Square in Bayan Baru to add some clothings into my collection. What I have now is very plain unlike when I was working with H&M in Knightsbride, London. That is when I will always spend my lunchtime trying on new clothes. Can’t believe that is one year behind me and I am almost ending the chapter of my life for this year.

I can’t find any cool stuff any discovered that I have developed a liking for brown pastel colours. Don’t ask me why but 3 of the 4 tops that I bought was such.

I can hear my Mum’s voice outside advicing my sis to drive carefully on the road. Well, I guess that it is about time I turn off the machine and load my rubbish onto the car for my trip back to Bkt Jalil….

That’s all for now!

Benny Ong XXX

P/S: Congrats to JC for piercing her ears for the first time!

Oct 18


Greetings bunch,

The US Green Lottery for 2008 opens again. I am posting this to create an awareness that this is a FREE scheme and there are unethical companies charging for it.

One key thing to take note when applying is your photo. They have strict requirements for it and I advise you to take necessary steps to ensure that your photo meets the criteria. All the details are on the site.

Other than that, good luck!

Benny Ong

Oct 17


Reading the heading of the post, you might have assumed that I was a royal guest at the King’s Buka Puasa or something. Well, I wished!

I was with Vince & May at Palace Of The Golden Horses (Again, the same hotel) for a Buka Puasa buffet. We arrived at about 7.30 p.m. after work to the packed restaurant on the basement called Carousel. Food there was ok and I particularly enjoyed the Ice-Cream selection.

I will try to grab a photo from Vince since he snap some shots using his new Canon Powershot camera. Just to make it clear, I am still a die hard fan of Sony Cybershots.

That’s all for the moment, catch you later….

Benny Ong

Oct 13


TGIF, and as yesterday was my 22nd Birthday, I might as well make it a double celebration. It was more convenient for some to turn up today than for yesterday’s dinner as tomorrow will not be a working day.

Me Downing A Submarine

So, we headed down to Oasis Food and Beer Garden in Bangsar. The cool thing of being there was people that I place close to my heart showed up. My mum and sis even gave me a surprise visit with a cake.

My Mum & Sis

It was funny to see everyone behaving well and not as wild when my mum turned up.

Another Shot?

We proceed to Bar Flam’s after that to continue the party where I stop taking anymore alcohol to stop myself from getting super drunk.

Group Pic Taken At Oasis

We all left at approx 2.30 after a mamak session to sober up.

Yet Another Group Pic

It was an amazing night although I had loads to drink and even puked.

That’s all for the moment, till next time, take care.

Benny Ong

Oct 12


I can’t believe that I am celebrating my 22nd Birthday as I felt my 21st was just yesterday. Well, a year has passed and here I am, probably wiser I hope so.

As expected in the office, my close peers manage to get me a brownie from Secret Recipe and I blew out the candles in the Lifestyle Center.

The celebration continued after work when we headed to Leo’s for dinner. This time around, the service wasn’t as good anymore but it is the company that I had with me that matters.

Here are some of the pictures from this memorable day.

My Birthday Cake

Crazy Pose

Dinner Time

Benny Ong

Oct 11


Greetings everyone,

As you may realize that I have not posted anything major in a couple of weeks. This seems like a trend and if you study it carefully, I am sure that you can discover a pattern. Well, don’t waste your time doing that and let’s get down to business.

There are no major reasons why I have not posted up anything interesting but nothing seems cool enough.

Today, I just got good news on my next rotation. To those who are unaware of what I have said, there is a scheme going on where I will be switching departments periodically.

I will be moving to a role that was my preference which gives me ample opportunities to travel. If you ask me where, I can’t answer that yet as I am still unsure.

The actual department move will be at the end of the month and I don’t really mind which country that I am going to be sent to. I am up for anything.

I promise to share with you my experiences of the countries I travel to. My cool camera can now breathe new life as it hasn’t been traveling abroad in a while.

Benny Ong