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Dec 24


Lin Kooi, Pik Jian, Yih Chaur, Lin Hu + Me

Dec 23


Picture With A Monley Lantern @ Penang Pesta

Dec 22


Me Wearing A Christmas Hat

Group Picture

Dec 21


Wai Theng, Me, Soon Shuen + Ingrid

Dec 16


Picture with Sew Wei and Rico (The Husband)

Derrick + Sally, The Bride and Groom

Dec 14


Just got back from Crowne Plaza Mutiara hotel in KL after visiting my dad. If you are curious on what I have been up to lately, I have decided to design my own WordPress template for this website and might be distributing it for free when I am done. As this is my first time undertaking such things on my free time, I believe the template should be ready latest by February next year. You might say that it is too long of a time to get it done but I believe that it is reasonable with the spare time that I have got.

First and foremost I just installed Xampp to get an Apache server with PHP and MySQL running on my Windows machine. This will allow me to work locally without consuming bandwidth from my servers. The above mentioned program is handy whenever you which to test PHP scripts on your local machine.

After the installation of the server was completed, I proceed to install the latest version WordPress which I am planning to upgrade my blog into.

Well, that’s all for the moment, I hope I have manage to share some valuable tools that you can mess around with. I am planning to come up with a list of recommended free tools in the next upgrade of my blog maybe in mid 2007. We will see how it goes, till then, take care.

Benny Ong XXX

Dec 13


It has been countless times that people ask me what does the company that I currently work in do and my answer will be a shared services company. Sure after, the question regarding what a shared services company will pop in. I would then need to explain what the whole thing is about.

This time around, I found an interview conducted by ZDnet with Dominic Holland, the head of BAT GSD which I believe will be useful for anyone who wants to know more. Click on the link to find out more.

Benny Ong XXX

Dec 10


I woke up this morning with the same feeling about a year ago when I was about to leave London. I was not ready to leave. I do not know why but I believe that there is still so much to do and places to see which might just be a personal preference. You may want to challenge me that I do not like my home country but you are wrong. I love Malaysia to bits and it is where I will always call home. I would eventually spend most of my life in Malaysia and it would be a struggle if I do not love my home country.

One of the key attractions I have for London might be because of the life I experienced there both as a student and when I first started working. Looking back, I have no doubt enjoyed my time but I would not relive those days again as that chapter of my life is over. If I were to get a chance to work there, I would not hesitate but it needs to be something different.

Me, Soon Shuen + Song Yia @ Kensington Palace

Enough of me spilling my personal feel on the subject matter. I accompanied the girls in the morning to Buckingham Palace to see changing of the guards before walking through Hyde Park to Kensington Palace. Shortly after we had Taza kebab on Queensway where I use to live. It was soon for me to make my way to the airport when we headed to service apartment to collect my luggage before boarding the Heathrow Express from Paddington.

The airport was as busy as usual and since the failure of the recent terrorist attacks, we were not allowed to bring water through the security checkpoints and certain liquid products such as gel were only allowed in small portions placed in a clear plastic bag that they provide.

After clearing security, I did some quick duty free shopping before boarding the 6.05 p.m MH0007 flight back to KL.

Benny Ong XXX

Dec 09


Me + Song Yia @ Trafalgar Square

Christmas Lights @ Regent Street

Dec 08


The Main Entrance of The Office

Chairman’s Cocktail Party

Daga, Margeritha + Me @ Buzz Bar

Roberta, Daga, Me + Robert @ Buzz Bar

Loreto, Me + Robert @ Buzz Bar

Eva + Me @ Buzz Bar