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Aug 30


After days on trying to access my Gmail account at my office, I finally made it.

I installed a script called G-mail Lite on my site and now I can happily access my account. The link is

This will be a relief to everyone else who’s current access is blocked by surfcontrol. Share this link with your mates before it gets indexed and blocked by Surfcontrol.

Happy checking your mail!

Benny Ong XXX

Aug 29


Today is Tuesday, a lot of things have been happening to me throughout the week. Most of them are bad.

Although I tend to forget about them and concentrate about the good things in life, I would be lying if I say that those events have not affected my behavior lately.

I am feeling down for a couple of days now and unfortunately I can’t find the root cause. I think what I am going through is somewhat like a depression caused by hormonal imbalance. I want to blame puberty and menopause but I am far over one and nowhere near the other.

Anyone with a good remedy to cure such mood swings? Please share your tips.

Well, wait up till my next post and I know things will get better. ; )

Benny Ong XXX

Aug 27


After sending some of my friends to the airport, I have yet another responsibility to complete. I had earlier promise my friend Hafizi that I will be attending his graduation.

I first drove to USJ to get JC before she lead the way there. We pass Batu Caves which was one of the major locations that I have wanted to visit.

UIA which stands for University Islam Antarabangsa is huge and I was please to see the faces of people graduating and proud parents. I was of course more than happy for my dear friend Hafizi.

That is all for today and till next time…. take care…

Benny Ong XXX

Aug 25


Today, we brave through the heavy rain to get to Bandar Sunway for Steamboat. Although the initial reason to have it was to celebrate the birthday of the August babies in our company, only one showed up. Shame on the rest who did not.

The place was a corner lot shop offering seafood steamboat buffet at about Rm20.00 per head which was a steal. JC knows the boss and manage to get us a table although we booked very late.

Besides being a good bargain, the place was famous for its chicken wings which everyone will grab as if they were starving once it is place on the buffet spread. Since, we were seated fairly close to where the wings were served in the buffet line, I can’t help it but be amuse everytime people rush for the wings.

We of course were not left out of the fun when most of us attempt to squeeze ourselve to get our equal share of the wings or sometimes even more. A stunt pulled by JC which was practically scooping the wings of the tray with her plate left everyone stunt. We could not stop laughing as others were left starring at her including the waiter.

It was definately a fun night which I ended by bringing Seong Chun and Jin Siang back to the office at midnight and we stayed till close to 2 in the morning.

That’s all for the moment and take care.

Benny Ong XXX

Aug 24


I am excited about today and do not know what to expect after a call from my friend I know as Horlicks surprise me. She works freelance for a production house and told me to attend a casting. She said they wanted to bank on my ability to speak Hokkien.

I went to the talent studio in Bandar Utama called Indepent Casting if I remembered correctly and there I was given a story board by a pretty chick called Meredith who handles the casting. It was an ad for a famous digital camera company.

Without any experience at all, they first took down my details and soon recorded my profile. I was told to do some impromptu acting which I believe was reasonable for someone who has not attended any classes.

Soon, it was the real deal. I had to act out according to the story board but I was told that I am not restricted by the script. When she yelled start, I let loose and started cursing in Hokkien uttering words that I have never used in a conversation before. The inspiration came from the Singaporean movie I Not Stupid and some other from the same team.

Later that evening, I was send a text message by Horlick stating that I have been one of the three short listed for the filming to be done in 2nd September. I can’t help it but feel excited. I will update you on the outcome as soon as I get any news.

Benny Ong XXX

Aug 22


Apologies if I have not posted in a while. I have just been carried away with work and there is no longer any wireless connection at my apartment that I can use from my balcony.

Well, today I continued my hanging MCSE class from Penang. I manage to transfer over my outstanding modules down to the Informatics in KL which is located in Megan Avenue 1. Although it was done as smoothly as I would like it to, everything is in an acceptable level now. Being a Malaysian somehow, I believe we tend to have a higher tolerance band.

I left work at 5.00 to get there by LRT. When I reached Ampang Park station, it was raining cats and dogs. I have no choice but to get an umbrella from Guardian. At least, now, I have a small umbrella that will be handy.

The class was handled by a lecturer from India which was very good at teaching. When I entered the class, I was already 6 hours behind as it began last week. Fortunately, only one student showed up and he agreed that the lecturer go through with me what have been covered so that I can catch up with the class.

So, I am glad that I did not go home because of the heavy rain. Now I am even motivated for my next class which is tomorrow.

Benny Ong XXX

Aug 17


It has been a while since I posted anything from my e-mail, so here is one that got me laughing. Look at the variations of the legendary World Cup finals act. Unfortunate way to end an amazing career with. I do hope he will be remembered as an amazing and great athlete than for that incident.

With that said, let us see some creative variations. I’ll be making this post as an archive and will add to it should some other be available.

Aug 17


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Benny Ong XXX

Aug 16


Although I prefer dogs, there are a new way to categorize cats. Apparently domesticated ones tend to mimic their owners. Look at the proof below:

The House Cat

The Hip Hop Cat

The Metal Cats

The Stevie Wonder Cat

The Stoner Rock Cat

The Techno Cat