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Once again I started off my day late. I was planning to rot in the apartment until I received a text message in the morning from Margherita. She was a colleague of mine when I use to work at H&M. She said that she will be working today and I figure I might as well just drop by then.

It was 3.00 before I finally pulled myself out to Knightsbridge. I arrived at the perfect time as she was on her lunch break whereby we decided to grab some drinks from Starbucks before comfortably seated ourselves behind the store. It was nice because it used to be the spot where I spend my lunch times and tea breaks.

She shared her stories on what was happening and I shared my portion as well. I continued on exploring the store to see a few familiar faces where I met a couple of them. We exchange contact details and agreed to have a drink before I leave London.

I headed on to High Street Kensington to look for another ex colleague of mine Geoffrey. It was nice to see him as I enter the newly renovated store. High Street Kensington is the flagship store for H&M. He looked much thinner now. Well, he commented about my website.

I then drop by Boots to get nail clippers as my nail is growing at a surprisingly fast rate. I headed home after. What a way to end my long Easter weekend.

Well, I am going to force myself to disconnect from the internet to catch up with some work for tomorrow. Till my next post, take care!!!