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Since Thaipusam is a public holiday, I joined some buddies at work on an excavation at Kuala Selangor which included a meal at New Beggars Delicious Restaurant at Ijok, Bukit Malawati and Kampung Kuantan for the fireflies.

The day started out with a drive to Kuala Selangor on the winding roads which I find quite relaxing as it takes me out of the city.

I won’t blog much about the food at the restaurant in Ijok as you may read about it at his blog. Stay tune for pictures as I am awaiting for them.

New Beggars Restaurant @ Ijok

As for Bukit Malawati, it is about half an hours drive from Ijok where we took a ride up the hill for RM2 which lead us to quite a stunning view. Here are some of the pics that I manage to take on top of the hill.

The Best Spot For A View @ Bukit Malawati

The Lighthouse on Bukit Malawati

Batu Hampar @ Bukit Malawati

Group Picture On The Peak

The Jetty @ Kampung Kuantan

As a summary, it was a day well spent. Will update more pictures and musings soon.

Benny Ong XXX