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It is almost 9.00 p.m. now and once again I find myself in KLIA accessing the internet using the free Wifi available to update my blog (more of a photo blog I would say) which I have recently neglected a lot.

I am on my way to Moscow, Russia for work purposes which I have fixed feelings about. Don’t get me wrong but I am damn excited but the weather is a major turn off. I spend the early part of the day trying to hold of a winter scarf, ski cap and leather gloves which surprisingly was not available in KLCC yesterday. I got it at Winter Time in 1 Utama after a recommendation from Song Yia.

I am glad that I have got those gears because I do not want to get frostbites from my first trip to Russia. Some places besides the office that I want to visit are St Basil’s Cathedral and Kremlin’s Square. I do not know much about Russian History but I have printed some reading material about those two major tourist spots in Moscow which will be handy for the long flight.

It would certainly be a shame if I did not get snapshots of those places.

Well, I better get back to some work.

I will most probably be updating my blog while I am there so do stick around for more k…