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Greetings everyone,

Apologies once again for the lack of recent updates. Well, this morning I was sent an invitation to join a flickr group whereby during my random surf, I stumbled upon a site called What it does is that it allows you to mess around with the pictures you have in flickr.

There is roughly about 6-8 tools that ranges from effects of aging your picture, changing it to sketch and placing it in a gallery like below. Don’t you come and tell me that this can all be done in Photoshop or some fancy picture editing tool. The reason that I am mentioning it is because it is online based and it automatically extracts your flickr collection.

Everyone is looking

By the way, if you do not know what flickr is, it is basically a place where you can upload and share your photos.

 Give it a visit and a go…. I would try the other features later….

 Have fun!

Benny Ong