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Greetings bunch,

I heard about the Academy Award winning documentary by the ex Presidential candidate Al-Gore sometime ago. It also managed to earn him a Nobel Prize nomination for climate change. I manage to ignore it for a while because I thought it was just a cheap publicity stunt until recently when I kind of got hold of the video.

It was on a weekend evening and me being curious decided to watch it over my computer and what I saw was revealing. The funny thing is, we do realize it happening everyday but do we take any action to prevent or control the outcome?

For example, I can clearly tell you from growing up in Malaysia that the weather has gone bonkers with the heat reaching intolerable levels months after months.

Well, I use to be a skeptic of the effects of Global Warming but I will be lying to say that I have completely switched over after watching the documentary. I do sometimes question that maybe all of this is meant to happen after all? But at the rate it is going is alarming. If you do feel the same way and want to make a difference, never underestimate the power of one voice.

For starters, you may download the 10 things list which is a pdf file that describe the little things you do that can make a difference. Remember, every little helps.

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