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Our company has large scale meetings twice a year called the Zone Meeting by location whereby the operations are separated geographically as follow; Zone 1 – Latin America and Caribbean, Zone 2 – Europe and Zone 3 – Asia Pacific. Unlike the previous zone meeting where it was to wrap up the year, this was to present the company targets and mission for 2007.

My First Attempt @ Rock Climbing

The office in Technology Park Malaysia where I am based is the largest of all the offices around the globe with a strong workforce of over 450 talented people. The perfect location to fit such a crowd was KL Convention Center which I took the opportunity to help out last night with the setup of the booths.

As usual, the day was a bit routine when it started off at 9.00 a.m. followed by a mimic of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Game with questions based on the company. Once the crowd was all warmed up, presentations started and followed by games. The first game that I managed to take part involves Rock Climbing. There was other games such as karaoke singing and dancing with Playstation 2, the traditional egg (ping pong ball used as a replacement) and a teaspoon race and throwing balls into targets like the ones in fun fairs.

In Roman Times.. The Quality Dept Booth

Another interesting part of the Zone Meeting was the introduction of the Trade Fair which is made of 12 booths from different departments of the company to present their effort and on going projects. The standard of the booths were very high and can easily match or be even better than any other Corporate Trade Conventions. The only thing I felt wasted was that it would have been nice if it our stakeholder were invited to participate. This will be a brilliant platform to showcase what are company are about and also maybe even squeeze in a recruitment even to get talents.

After Event Party @ SkyBar

To accompany the whole event, refreshments and a dinner was served before the proze giving ceremony which I almost took home the DVD Camcorder prize in the guessing game. I was just 3 number short of the correct answer. Well, better luck next time. Other prizes given out during the event was gift vouchers, 2GB SD Card and a Sony Playstation. There is still one outstanding prize which is an iPod video to be given out after the completion of all the Zone Meetings which Zone 1 & Zone 2 are awaiting. Fingers cross for that.

The next Zone Meeting will only happen sometime in November after a mid year review which is a health check to see how the company is progressing so far.

Well, that’s all for now, till my next post. Take care.