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The Malaysian BAR recently release a publication called Red Book: Know Your Rights. It is a compilation of what the police can and can’t do. Most of us are fortunate that we never have to deal with them to that extent but this is a must read.

CLICK HERE to download the book and spread the […]

Free International Calls

Today, I officially launched a new website and an online brand called Free Time. It will be an addition of sites to my portfolio. I would continue to add enhancements to this site from time to time.
Free Time is a service that lets you call internationally for free using your bundled cross network minutes. All […] is Not Another Friendster

After the birth of Friendster came, Hi5, WAYN, Zorpia, Namesdatabase and Malaysia even had it’s own Kawanster.
Well, I stumbled upon a new one I just found over someone’s blog and it is called Ziki. The reason that it is worth mentioning is because Ziki is really different as it is not a blog […]

Problems Playing Mp4 Video

Well, I remembered sometime ago when I downloaded a movie that was in MP4 format. Although the file was playable in Windows Media Player, no video will show up and the time line will continue to go on.
I instantly remembered the time when I could not play .avi files without downloading the Divx codec. (Codec […]

The Outlook Messages File

I have just bought a new PC that I reformat to my own needs. After completing the installation, I realize that I did not back up my Outlook e-mail messages.

I found several ways to back up your Outlook messages but it requires me powering up the old machine and using the export tool to export […]

Microsoft Certified Professional

At around noon today, I am officially an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional). Some of you may know that I have been taking MCSE as an interest. After about a month of delay, I finally forced myself to sit for the exams since Microsoft is offering a free 2nd Shot at the exam until June 2006. […]

Funny Voice Messages

Well, I found this over the internet. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration to customize your voicemail. By the way, I should be studying now instead of surfing the web. “Hey guess who this is? You guessed it. Guess what you have to do now? you guessed it. Guess what’s next? You guessed it…”

Roses […]

Funny Conversation

I will be taking my first MCSE exam on Friday but I still have not really prepared for it. I even have re-occuring nightmares about actually failing it. Well, I will try my best to finish up my studies before that. Do wish me luck for the exam.
By the way, I just received this […]

Lordi – Blood Red Sandman

This is a cool video worth sharing from a European band called Lordi. I was first introduced to this band on videos page when I saw this same exact cool video. Apparently, the band will be representing their country in Eurovision this year. Good luck then. I am pretty sure this video will be […]

Mega Site Project

This is my first ever blog post from a remote location. Well, I am at my MCSE module 3 class. As you might know, I will be taking the exams shortly. Do wish me luck on it.
Today, I have finally completed my mega site construction of It boasts over 30,000 pages of information […]