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After a whole week of hard work,’s new site is finally done and I am very proud of it. I am trying very hard to get lots of traffic for this website. I have optimize the website very carefully in hopes of getting multiple pages highly rank and listed on search engines.
Visit […]

Kembara CT Aero

Remember about my first car I was talking about, here is the video of it.

Cool? Huh?
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Still awake and designing.

Well, it is 2.51 a.m. now and I am still designing’s new site which is due to be up by 1st April 2006. The whole site is written in PHP communicating with a MySQL database. The site is my best in terms of navigation and usability. It has very clean layout and less cluttered […]

A Very Unique Tea

I received this a while ago but never took the effort to post it on my blog. Whatever it is, here you go!
The title of this post is exactly the subject of the e-mail when I received it. As curious as you were, I quickly browse through the e-mail. The pictures took a while to […]

Free Downloads

Greetings everyone, Well I think it is about time I featured one of my sites here. is a free downloads portal with over 30,000 pages of content. You can download from desktop themes, wallpapers, screen savers, icons and loads more to customize your desktop or computer to really give your computer its own identity […]

Laughing Babies

I remembered watching this video on telly where it won the grand prize on America’s Funniest Home Videos.
It is the perfect time for me to watch this video because I am stress. Remember the interview that I told you about last week, I have got through to the second stage. Well, by the time you […]

Weezer – Perfect Situation

I am currently addicted to this song. Although it is not that new, it just caught me. I have been replaying it over and over again on my playlist.

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How To Taste Wine

Well, I am not a great wine drinker but on occassions I wish I have known more. Well, thanks to the internet, I just discovered a cool page that explains everything. Here it goes: The Basics Before you learn to walk, you need to crawl. Have a read at the basics of how wine is made.

How […]

Matrix Ping Pong

Let the video do the talking. A must watch.

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Is This The Way To Amarillo

A spoof video was made by the British Army and apparently cause their server to crash. Both videos are below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

The Original:

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