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After seeing countless of ads on MTV about the upcoming Asia Awards in Bangkok, Thailand, I decided to give their website a visit. They were giving out all expense paid trip and other cool merchandise as prizes to encourage viewers to vote. Since I have nothing to lose, I voted and when I was about to leave, I finally read the flash banner that says Haeir Superstar Search. Being curious, I decided to click on it and landed on page full of pictures of people with somewhat cute and disgusting poses. (Some still believe they are Japanese Manga characters) Those are the pictures of contestants wishing to be a part of the show. Yup, prizes like entrance tickets to the Asia Awards were once again up for grabs. Plus, there were a guaranteed gift for filling up the survey. Once again, I registered, fill up the survey and uploaded the funniest pose I believe I have done. I have more obscene pictures that might be offending which I had to stop myself from posting although it was tempting. The posted picture is the same picture as the website header of me in a cap and an abacus. I even had to write a short description which I title “Math Genius” (see the pic to understand the theme) as follow:

“I just discovered about this contest after voting for my favorite acts and did not realize that I will be asking for people’s vote minutes later. It has always been a dream of mine to attend MTV Asia Awards acting as an ambassador for Malaysian Music and I hope I will be worthy of your vote. Thank you for viewing my picture and your interest. Do take care of yourself and see you at the awards show if I win and if you’ve got the tickets.”

The trick now is to convince as many people to vote for me which will contribute 50% to my selection of winning a prize. I am of course aiming for the all expense paid trip or I will be content with the Haier 37 inch LCD TV. Enough said, the reason that I am posting this is to ask for your votes buddies. Put in your entry as it closes on 23rd April and message me and I will vote for you. The links are all below:

Click Here To Vote For Me

MTV Asia Awards Website

Haier Superstar Search

Thanks and take care.

Benny Ong XXX