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Greetings Everyone,
Another day in my life. Who wants to know? Well here it goes anyway. I think I am bit late on this as I got tied up and someone else was using the laptop and couldn’t make a post. I was scheduled to work from 9.00-8.30 which is an amazing 11 hours and a […]

A Quiet Relaxing Day (What I Thought!)

Greetings Everyone!
I just decided to spent the rest of the day off and doing a little bit of cleaning in the room. It can be suprising how much dust can hide under the cupboard and furniture. I started making the room look like a war zone and did not expect my sister to come back […]

Regent Street Festival

Well, when I was walking down Regent Street yesterday, I was passed a flyer which was mentioning something about a 10% discount at participating stores in conjuction with the Regent Street festival. It did not struck me at that time that the streets will be blocked today and laid with patches of grass. I remembered […]

SFS Model Scouting Party

I attended the Summer Model Scout Party organised by Stuck For Staff (SFS). It was held at the Penthouse which is a club situated on the sixth floor in Leicester Square. The dress code for the evening was Glamour Summer and Sexy Bikini Wear (No one present was aware of the theme I guess?, luckily […]

My First Post

Greetings Everyone, Today is the first day of September, what a day to start my blog. Well, the idea of having my blog has been a while now.

When I first register the name, I wanted to create a personal website for me to get in touch with my friends and self promote myself. After […]