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Well, I found this over the internet. Hopefully it will give you some inspiration to customize your voicemail. By the way, I should be studying now instead of surfing the web. “Hey guess who this is? You guessed it. Guess what you have to do now? you guessed it. Guess what’s next? You guessed it…”

Roses […]

Funny Conversation

I will be taking my first MCSE exam on Friday but I still have not really prepared for it. I even have re-occuring nightmares about actually failing it. Well, I will try my best to finish up my studies before that. Do wish me luck for the exam.
By the way, I just received this […]

Lordi – Blood Red Sandman

This is a cool video worth sharing from a European band called Lordi. I was first introduced to this band on videos page when I saw this same exact cool video. Apparently, the band will be representing their country in Eurovision this year. Good luck then. I am pretty sure this video will be […]

Mega Site Project

This is my first ever blog post from a remote location. Well, I am at my MCSE module 3 class. As you might know, I will be taking the exams shortly. Do wish me luck on it.
Today, I have finally completed my mega site construction of It boasts over 30,000 pages of information […]

English + Chinese

I just received this e-mail a couple of minutes ago and I believe that it is worth sharing. Have fun reading !! You might like this. This is hilarious… even an Englishman could not construct sentences using numeric, which is exclusive only to Malaysians and S ingaporeans.

Ah Lek was asked to make a sentence using 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 […]

Japanese Toilet Ad

Aw… I want one of those….Not the toilet seat, either the chicken or the frog….
Benny XXX

Vote For Me

After seeing countless of ads on MTV about the upcoming Asia Awards in Bangkok, Thailand, I decided to give their website a visit. They were giving out all expense paid trip and other cool merchandise as prizes to encourage viewers to vote. Since I have nothing to lose, I voted and when I was about […]

I Am Still Alive

Well, it has been a while since I really sat down and write a proper post. The reason is that I have been busy experimenting on several online projects (just an excuse). One of them involves messing around with a couple of blogs to get more hits for all of my sites. I have set […]

Sleeping Doggy Style

A Video Of My Dog Sleeping for your viewing pleasure.

Benny Ong XXX

Online Casino

I have always wanted to start an online casino and since I currently have the resources and some spare time to do so, I am in the process of getting it done. Once completed, it will be in several languages. The website is

The site will also be full of online documentations and I am […]