Exhausting But Fun!!!!!!

Well, sorry about the delay in the post. Well, I am bit behind of schedule on almost everything including updating this blog. Luckily, it has advance editing built on it that allows me to change the date of publishing although in actual fact this post was just made today, Sunday…. (Shh….!)

It started out as a quite good day until I realize that there will be short of staff till closing. Well, I guess there is nothing much I can do really. I finish at 8:30 and was able to get some time to get myself ready for the party. I somehow manage to make the toilet so wet as if I had a shower in there while I was putting gel on my hair to get my trademark spikey hair look. I changed into a grey/silverish shirt and was ready to party. However, I had to wait for the rest who finish at 9:00 and took their sweet time to get ready.

We reached Convent Garden tube station at about 9:30 and made our way to JEWEL. I expected to get a big cheer when I entered but it was otherwise. Not many people had turned up as expected. Well, as the night carried on, more and more showed up and the party was ready to begin. The music got better and the finger foods started to come in. It was dark that I could not even see cleary what I was picking up to eat. I ate quite an amount as I was starving.

People were dancing as more and more got drunk. I drank pretty much and was clearly pissed. It carried on until 1:00 in the morning when were all chased out. The night continued at G-A-Y but unfortunately, I had to leave because I had to do an early shift tomorrow.

I got back at 2:00 and manage to sleep for a couple of hours when I woke up and couldn’t sleep anymore. I think it is because of over exhaustion. Well, I had a shower and went straight to work at around 6:15.

It was a very fun event and I would do it over and over again….!

Benny Ong

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