Another Day At Work

Started the day quite early than expected when I was awaken by a phone call from home. Had a shower and went to return the movie that my sister rented yesterday. Some movie with Denzel Washington in it and about fire I think. Did not watch it as I came back late because of dinner with mates that night. Greeted everyone at work when I got there and got myself ready for another day. The only major highlight besides winning an argument with a customer is that the store gave us drink vouchers for the Store Opening party on Thursday. We were given 5 raffle tickets in a sealed evelope each. The ones that you can easily buy off a book store in booklets. Each ticket will entitle us to a drink. We were also treated to some snack consisting of biscuits, sweets, fruits and cookies because of our hard work.

I will start work at about noon tomorrow and heading straight to the party after work at a place called Jewel in Convent Garden where I will be getting ready to get drunk. I will than start work at 7.00 the following day and finish at 4.00. My day doesn’t end there where I will be getting ready to become a studio audience for a recording of a TV Show somewhere in Wembley and then working again on Saturday. Seems like I am gonna have a busy time isn’t it. Well, you only live once. I will keep you updated on things.

So, I will spend the rest of the night organizing myself for the next few days which will be jam packed with activities.

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