Restoring My Old Posts!

Over the upcoming weeks, I am looking into recovering some old posts and combining it into my blog. I know some of the backups exist in my old drives and wayback machine. This will be a good experiment to re-populate the pages and re-uniting all the content to my current blog. If you see some […]

Happy Monday Folks!

Where did the weekend dissapeared to? Well, it is a sign of a weekend well spent. We attended a Birthday party at Trampoline Park, went to a local fair “Fete Foraine” near the kids school and bought stuff for the house. It is also the second weekend we spent in the house and we are […]

Red and White Metal Mail Box

Get Your Mail Redirected When Moving Abroad

Did you know Royal Mail can redirect your letters abroad for between 3 months to 1 year. This can be further renewed as needed. We setup the redirection roughly 2.5 weeks before heading of. Royal Mail do state that they need at least 5 working days to get this setup and recommend setting this up […]

La nuit porte conseil

In the spirit of immersing myself in French, here is a common saying in French “La Nuit Porte Conseil” which means “The Night Brings Advise”. This is equivalent to the English saying of “Sleeping On It”. Sometimes, it is easy to rush into decisions without taking the time to process the implications or what it […]

R.I.P Queen Elizabeth II

It is sad news and my kids are gutted. The longest reigning British Monarch have sadly passed away today. She was the only ruling British monarch in my lifetime so far. I admire her for the sense of duty she had and navigating through so many challenges from wars to scandals within the royal family […]

Quickest Way on Getting a French Mobile Number

Hi, I notice one of the key things since arriving in France is how important it is to have a French mobile number. This has allowed us to drop our kids at the creche in Ikea, register for our official documentations, order our washing machine and many more basic stuff. The quickest way I obtain […]

We Settled In

Bonjour! After several days of unpacking and still many boxes to go, we finally feel settled. The folks that we have met so far are welcoming and we are adjusting well. There are still a long to do list such sorting out the internet, our mobile phones, installation of washing machine and registering with a […]

British Airways Flight

Leaving On A Jet Plane

This is a scheduled post. We will be making preparation to head to the airport with both mixed emotions of sadness and excitement on living in a new country. Who knows what this will lead us to next? This version of the song by Canadian Chantal Kreviazuk was on the Armageddon movie soundtrack. I grew […]

Reebok shoes

Shoe Maker: The Untold Story of Reebok

I like business autobiographical books and stories about how businesses were founded, grow, thrive and became what they are today. I picked up this book from the library after several months of hiatus of reading due to my Oxford Strategy course. I stumbled upon the book on the shelves and I was last week old […]


You Miss 100 Percent Of The Shots You Do Not Take

I naturally think that I am not good at anything. I am not good at competitive sports, not good at games and not good at negotiation. However, I tend to remind myself about taking a chance each time. During negotiation, I always remind myself about “If you don’t ask, you don’t get!”. Similarly, the following […]