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Parc Asterix

Parc Astérix is a theme park in France based on the comic book series Asterix by Albert Uderzo and René Goscinny. In 2023, the park welcomed over 2.8 million visitors, making it the 2nd most visited park in France behind Disneyland Paris and the 8th most visited park in Europe.

Thanks to Danone’s CSE, we had a family event at the park today starting at 11am. Although it felt crowded, I could only imagine how it would look like on a regular day. We averaged 30 minutes queues for the ride and the weather was surprisingly pleasant and we dressed accordingly to keep the family cosy.

The rides didn’t feel to far apart from one another and none of us struggle with the distances. Here are some professional pictures of the park by the press office.

The Iconic Asterix
The Christmas Ice Skating Show

It was nice to see a performance on ice and the 30 minute performance were jam packed with stunts, pyrotechnic and acrobatics.

Thunder 2 Zeus Ride – We Rode It As A Family

This perhaps appear to be our family favourite despite mixed review by my kids.


We ended the night at 1800 with a fireworks display. Our verdict was that there were a great variety of rides and performances. We were also treated to a sweet treats buffet of candies, fruits and desserts. The kids are fast asleep now after a fun filled day.

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