Low Content Publishing

I heard about this term a while back but didn’t pay too much attention on it.

As the title says, it refers to books that don’t have a lot of written content in the interior pages such as colouring books, notepads and journals.

Yesterday I explored publishing a colouring book through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and Lulu. Once you get through the hurdle of formatting, you will find it quite easy. I use Microsoft Powerpoint and convert it to PDF. The tools that publishing platforms provide help guide you through and you can get an online proof to sign off. Similarly, you have the option to order a physical copy from Amazon at cost for proof as well.

You can check out the print on demand coloring book here on Lulu. My copy on Amazon is still pending approval and may take up to 72 hours but I will share once it is available.

I source the images through CreativeFabrica (This is an affiliate link) and pay a low monthly subscription fee.

Well, lets see what other new products I release before my next post!

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