Side Hustle

Side Hustles

Well, what side hustles do you have? I just watched the netflix show “Get Smart with Money” and coincidentally a facebook feed showed someone flipping items online for cash. It got me thinking about planning about the future and entertaining the idea about early retirement. This inspired me to list an item on Facebook marketplace and it sold within 4 hours.

It shows how the internet have lowered the barrier for anyone wanting to start a venture or business. The key thing is about taking action and making it happen.

I have a website reselling hosting called which is over 10 years old now. It is not making tons for me to retire but it pays for itself and generates some passive income. If you wish to start your own web hosting company or brand, click here. They pay commissions through paypal and you can start without anything upfront. This is the exact partner that I use for

I have started an ebay store in France reselling lego. This replaces my online store in the UK. So far, the views have been low and I will need to update the listings to include more of my inventory. This will force me to learn about the postage rates and options in France.

I am also exploring the option of Print on Demand. I launched a US ebay store for this but lets see how it works.

This are the few landmines I have planted over the web. Let’s see which one stays and works when I revisit this post in a few months time. Stay tune!

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