You Miss 100 Percent Of The Shots You Do Not Take

I naturally think that I am not good at anything. I am not good at competitive sports, not good at games and not good at negotiation. However, I tend to remind myself about taking a chance each time. During negotiation, I always remind myself about “If you don’t ask, you don’t get!”. Similarly, the following quote resonates with me now as you see we are relocating and embracing opportunities that are heading our way.

You Miss 100% Of Shots

This quote was recently reposted by Mark Zuckerberg on his FB post which reminded me of this. The original person who quoted this have been disputed as some claims it was Michael Jordan, the basketball legend and also the fictional boss from the Office series. I have stuck with the public opinion of sportsman Wayne which have showed up in a lot of motivational posters when googling.

Hopefully, this quote inspires you to take a chance even when you have doubts. Till my next post!

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