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Greetings Everyone,

Some of you may be aware that I have started working on a project since February to launch a UK Direct Dial International Call Service. Well, to those who were unaware, now you know.

It is called It is a service that allows you to make international calls by dialing a selection or relevant access numbers. Unlike the phone cards that are distributed or sold on the streets, will only charge you for the minutes you use and not on a pre-payment basis. Hence, there will be no registration, scratch cards and keying pin numbers involve.

All our rates include VAT and what you see is what you pay. The service is accessible from any phone within the UK including home, mobile and payphones. The destinations you call are also discreet as it will not appear on any phone bills.

It has been up and running since February this year and finally, mass marketing of the brand has officially begun and flyers distribution have started and hopefully all will be out by next week. is something I take pride of as everything from the idea to the final product is done by me.

As a favor, I would appreciate it if you could show your support by just visiting the website or just simply spreading the word around. It will also be great if you could e-mail me your feedback about the site and what you think or feel about it.

I do apologize if you are not interested.

Thanks for your time.

Benny Ong
P/S: The service will only work in the UK