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Here once again I find myself in KLIA and getting ready to board my flight to London. I have been flying a lot this year but nothing compared to the amount or frequency that some of my colleagues do. One of the bonuses of frequent travelling on the same carrier is the Air Miles. Since we are in that topic, MAS still owes me some air miles that will entitles me to an upgrade on my Enrich card. I will chase them up when I am back in KL at the end of June.

Looking back on the 10 days that I spent back in KL was well worth it. Although I did not get all the things that I wanted to done, I got most of them out of the way. I renewed my passport, settled some paperwork and the most important thing, met up with my loved ones.

One of the major highlights of my trip is that I am now a permanent staff within BAT. We will be having a graduation ceremony at the end of the month which I will be returning home for. Below are some pictures that we have taken in preparation for the event.

Me Seated in The Middle


Having Fun in the Karaoke Room

A lot people did mention that I lost weight and my medical check up showed that I shed off roughly 5 kilos. Let’s hope when I am back after this trip, I would have a firmer tummy 😉 

Oh well, that’s all for now and I will post a quick update once I have arrived in the apartment.