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Sep 06


Greetings Everyone,

Another day in my life. Who wants to know? Well here it goes anyway. I think I am bit late on this as I got tied up and someone else was using the laptop and couldn’t make a post. I was scheduled to work from 9.00-8.30 which is an amazing 11 hours and a half. Mad isn’t it. Well, it was because I miss the last kick-off meeting. Well a kick-off is a start of the season where they will usually brief us about what is to come. It was really a brief and fun one though. The original kick-off was apparently a blast with people dressing up and stuff. Darn, I miss that.

Well, remember about Sunday when I was suppose to watch a movie? Well, the french people felt so guilty about missing the appointment on that day, they have decided to cook me dinner. So after work, I decided to stay back until 9.00 where I headed to one of the girl’s flat for dinner. We walked all the way from Knightsbrige through Hyde Park and down to Oxford Street. The flat was just off near to Tottenham Court Road. It was a freakin’ nice flat. Two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room with attached kitchen. Really very nice and well kept. The dinner turned out well despite the last minute preparation and lack of ingredients. I tried to sneak out to Sainsbury’s but I never could as I told her that I wanted to go out for a ciggy but she knew I don’t smoke. Well, I had to stay then. Although she kept saying ten more minutes, it felt like it took ages. We has a dish of can potatoes in gravy with mashed potatoes. Call that a variety and a healthy balance meal. Well, the climax when we drank a bottle of french wine and chat about our cultures and invited each other to our home countries.

The night was getting late and I decided to head back home.

It was a very long day and it ended up with a simple and enjoyable meal.

That’s all for now.

Benny Ong

Sep 05


Greetings Everyone!

I just decided to spent the rest of the day off and doing a little bit of cleaning in the room. It can be suprising how much dust can hide under the cupboard and furniture. I started making the room look like a war zone and did not expect my sister to come back early to see the mess. I continue cleaning practically throughout the day and manage to squeeze in a short nap. The end result of my hard work, the room looks more organize and my section seems more tidy. Hopefully, it will last longer that way this time around.

My other plans for the rest of the evening will include re-designing as it is long overdue. Do visit the site shortly as I believe that it will be up and ready.

And while I was writing this post half way, I received a call from my old greek buddy from University. Apparently he is back and looking for a flat. So, I had a quick shower but was interupted half way when I got another call from a friend that wanted to return a hard disk case and went down to meet them all. Funny, eh? I was having such a quiet and peaceful time and all of a sudden both of them wanted to meet me. I could spent a long time with them as I have to prepare dinner.

So, what’s on the menu? This time it will be lemon chicken, scrambled eggs with red beans in tomato sauce and green peas coated in butter. By the way, I do cook! Most people don’t believe this. It might not be the best but I can cook to survive.

Before I sign off this time, I would like to extend my greatest condolence to the friends and family of the victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. I saw pictures of the disaster that broke my heart.

That’s all for me, till next time… see ya.

Benny Ong

Sep 04


Well, when I was walking down Regent Street yesterday, I was passed a flyer which was mentioning something about a 10% discount at participating stores in conjuction with the Regent Street festival. It did not struck me at that time that the streets will be blocked today and laid with patches of grass. I remembered reading about it when I was back at home in Malaysia last year and wished I was there.

I headed off for a late start after settling some business and took the bus 148 down at Park Lane. I picked up my sister and walked straight to Regent Street. It was packed with crowds of people. There was this stand that attracted us. Every single minute someone was winning one of those massive soft toys. We decided to have a go. How the game works is that you will be given a tickets with random numbers in them. You can mix and match them till they make a total of 21 and you win. We spent 5 quids which gives us about 14 tickets and we did not win anything. Feeling cheated or just being unlucky, we decided to drag ourselves away from the stand before drying out our wallets.

I had Burger King (Super Size) for lunch and was suppose to watch Charlie & The Chocolate Factory but unfortunately, things did not work out. So, I headed home and decided to add a few lines on my blog!

Well, that’s all for now. Till next time….. Goodbye.

P/S: I have managed to add multiple language plugin for my blog. I tried adding a gallery with but it is yet to work….

Sep 03


I attended the Summer Model Scout Party organised by Stuck For Staff (SFS). It was held at the Penthouse which is a club situated on the sixth floor in Leicester Square. The dress code for the evening was Glamour Summer and Sexy Bikini Wear (No one present was aware of the theme I guess?, luckily I did not spend too much effort on it) with over 20 modelling and field marketing agencies in attendance.

The entrance was just around the corner of MTV TRL’s studio opposite Sound Bar. The lift that takes you to the sixth floor are those ones that allows you to view the scenes outside through a glass window. The view wasn’t anything amazing compare from the one in the club itself.

The club boasts a nice view of London Eye and Big Ben and Leicester Square below and had three floors but with the same music. The funny thing is, I’ve always notice the club when I was walking in Leicester Square but never thought that I will actually go there. As we entered at about 9.20, we manage to grab ourselves a seat and a table just right around the corner. It was a quiet start but more and more people started to come in and at around 11.00 everyone started dancing.

The night was enjoyable and we spent around 40 Quids on two bottles of Red Wine (The most affordable on the menu). The good thing was, we got in for free instead of paying any cover charge as we’ve got invitation. It would have cost us 15 pounds each if we wanted to get in on a normal day.

We left at 1 in the morning cause my sister had to work the next day….. Would have stayed longer perhaps. We made a quick visit of each floor before descending to ground of Leicester Square and taking bus 94 from Picaddily Circus home.

Benny XXX

Sep 01


Greetings Everyone,

Today is the first day of September, what a day to start my blog. Well, the idea of having my blog has been a while now.

When I first register the name, I wanted to create a personal website for me to get in touch with my friends and self promote myself. After about a year of delays and not putting a single effort into the development of it, I just left the domain name and website dormant. Well, hopefully things will change now.

The blog is hosted on my company’s website and can be accessed directly by or the subdomain

Well, that’s about it really. I will try my best to put up regular posts about myself and what I am doing here.

Till the next post, take care of yourself.

Benny Ong