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Being an internet marketer or internet entrepreneur, you might have encounter countless self proclaimed Internet marketing experts, tons of e-products such as e-books and software that makes extraordinary claims. But how do you know which is the best deal and not a fraud or just a rip off? Well, here are my tips to help you consider yourself.

1) Never Buy On Impulse

One of my first purchases of information products was this massive bundled pack containing literally hundreds of products worth thousands of dollar, all with master resell rights. It was an offer that I could not refuse. I bought it on an auction site at the moment I first came across it. After making the purchase, I randomly did a quick browse and came across the same product offered by another seller at 90% lower the price I have already paid for. I was of course angry at myself as I have overpaid for a product that I can get at a far lower price. However, I learnt that a simple search either on the auction site or the internet can save me huge sums of money. Most of the sale pages constructed by the sellers are to attract potential buyers to buy on impulse. That is how they cash in. It is our own responsibility to be smart consumers. This tip works not just on e-products but literally anything that is being sold online. All you have to do is just copy the name of the product and just do a quick search on search engines. At times, you will be surprised with the results.

2) If In Doubt, Ask

While reading a sales letter or page, you might be a little confused or unsure of the terms used. For example, if the publisher offers Money Back Guarantee but did not specify the terms. Just contact the publisher with your question. If the publisher is a reliable source, you should receive your answer within 24 hours or less. If you do not receive a reply, just give the seller a miss as it shows that the seller does not maintain it’s sales page and how can you be guarantee a good customer support after purchasing the product when the publisher can’t even reply to your pre-sales e-mail.

3) Age of the Product

Try to verify the age of the product. Don’t just look at the phrases such as “Just Release? or “Brand New? and certainly don’t believe the date on the sales letter as it is generated by scripts that updates itself daily or synchronizes with the date on your computer. A few simple steps such as looking at the date of the copyright usually in the footer of the page can roughly tell you when the product is released. It will usually look something like this “© 2000 Super Marketer. All Rights Reserved?. This clearly indicates that the product was released in 2000. Some marketers do not update their sales pages once it has been released. Besides that, just send an e-mail enquiring about the date of release. The reason of avoiding buying old products as some of it might contain irrelevant information as you might know that the online world keeps on evolving and for a product release in 2000 to be relevant with this year, there is only a slight possibility. However, some products are released with latest updates making it just fine.

4) Be Careful with Master Resell Rights

Master Resell Rights is definitely an added bonus to any products. To those who are unfamiliar with this term, it is the rights given to you by the author or publisher to resell the products. Most e-products have this as an additional bonus as it adds value to the product. You can then resell as much of the product as you want at either an agreed price or a price that you decide. However, some publishers charge extra for the reseller rights. The only downside to products with Master Resell Rights is that it might not have any resell value as it has long been on the market and considered outdated or the competition of people selling it is too much. Besides that, just do a quick search on the item on a search engine because you might get it for a much lower price from another reseller.

5) Money Back Guarantee

Most people after making a purchase are just left disappointed with the poor quality of the product being nothing like what it is mentioned in the sales letter. However, most people forget about the Money Back Guarantee that is being offered. Use it and ask for a refund within the agreed time frame. For example, ask for a refund within the first 30 days of your of 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. Never wait until the last minute to ask for a refund. There might be delays on the communications and it could surpass your Money Guarantee Period. However, some products might not have Money Back Guarantee and hence you should choose your products wisely.

Well, that’s about it for now. Do keep on the look out for my other articles in the near future. I look forward in hearing from you. Do send me your constructive feedback or questions.

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