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Like most webmasters, I use Google Adsense on roughly 50% of my sites to generate income. I am still learning how to optimize my adsense rate to increase profits. I am sure you have heard about people making thousands per day from Google Adsense which is very possible.

You may have also realized the recent craze of new Google adsense related product launches from hundreds of internet marketers. To be honest, most products are overpriced. I am not saying that all products are bad but some are of very poor quality and are mentioning the obvious.

I have stumbled upon Google’s own Tutorial videos which is totally free that you may access here:

The video features three case studies and tips from the webmasters that are making a living from Adsense.

To those who are unaware of the power of Google Adsense, it is basically relevant contextual advertising placed by Google on your site that can generate revenue for your site. Registration is free.

Well, good luck and I hope you increase your earnings.

Have A Nice Day!

Benny Ong

P/S: I might even release my own adsense product as well.