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I just had a warm shower and most definitely one of the best flights ever which arrived as scheduled in Heathrow. I finally felt the privilege of flying Business Class as you are given access to the lounge, better selection of food, spacious seat, fast track passes and your baggage arriving earlier on the conveyer.

The fast track pass was the best of all as I usually spend ages in the queue to clear immigration. The baggage arriving ahead of others was also very helpful as I am always the person to check in early which often causes my baggage to arrive later.

The only problem I had was with the amount of advertisement showed on the in flight entertainment. Theoretically, there should be no ads at all reason being we paid to fly. It is the same thing with the amount of advertisements shown on Malaysian paid satellite TV Astro. Oh well, Malaysian Airlines also kept repeating themselves on their radio channels to vote them as the best in flight entertainment. I was tempted to vote for them but the amount of advertisements have changed my mind. I can remember the Maybank, Maxis, Digi, Celcom and Visit Malaysia Year 2007 ads more than the content of the shows and movies I have watched.

Uncannily when I collected my keys to the apartment, it was the exact same unit but just a floor up. This makes it easier as I am familiar with the surroundings of the room.

That’s all for now as I try to stay awake till midnight to instantly cure any jet lags and I can’t wait to get into the office tomorrow to get my engines running.