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I am now awaiting my connecting flight to Malaysia via Amsterdam Schipol Airport. I do not know what to expect as the flight is a Malaysia Airlines code share with KLM. I flew KLM a few occasions when I was younger and for this trip to Moscow but it was never a long haul one. Well, I saw pictures in their in flight magazine earlier and hopefully I am not too disappointed with the in flight entertainment. Fingers cross for it to be on demand.

I am particularly excited this time to go home as I will be arriving on the first day of Chinese New Year and my family will be there to pick me up from the airport. I have already bought some candies which are nothing too special for my little cousins that I will be meeting back in Batu Pahat.

Earlier today in the Russian airport, I broke a bottle of Vodka belonging to my colleague which I really felt bad about. It was too late to get a replacement bottle because we were already about to board. Oh well, I just need to live with it.

Did I mention that an immigration officer approached me and my colleague to check our passports when we were queuing for our boarding pass? I believe it is an obvious reason why we are targets as Asians tend to stand out amongst a crowd of native Europeans. After seeing that all of our documents are valid, she told us to follow her. In my mind I was prepared for being questioning. She was carrying my documents in her hands and told my colleague to stand a distance away from me. Two further officers approach with a camera on their hands and the officer told me that they are going to take my picture. I immediately looked a bit puzzled and she proceeded to say don’t worry.

Using broken English and pointing at the signs which bare some English instructions on how to fill up the immigration card, I totally understood that I was suppose to pose as a tourist being helped by the immigration officer. That was most certainly a sign of relief.

Besides that, here is just a quick word or two about Amsterdam’s one terminal concept airport. It boasts of having the first ever museum in an airport (a Gallery in my own judgment) and a casino. I have been here about two years ago during my trip to Amsterdam but never had so many hours to walk around.

Back to this point of time, the crowd in front of the boarding gate is growing and the display board on top of the entrance of the gates keeps taking turns flashing the destination name as Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur. Just overhead the person sitting next to my bench saying that the flight is full. A bit uncomfortable now as I hate crowds and crying babies on planes. I better stop visualizing and worry less now as it is not helping.

Well, that’s all for me now… till my next update. Take care.