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When I told my sister that I will return to London this year, I did not knew how or was even anywhere near the possibility of my company sending me there. With that said, I am now seated in the International Departure terminal of KLIA (proudly displaying that they are the winner of the Best International Airport 2 years in the row) awaiting my Malaysia Airlines flight to London. The point I want to emphasize here is that of the Power of Thought. If you have been there in the mind, your body will also.

I am returning to London this time around for a project roll out that I am more than excited about. Expectation wise from speaking to my new boss is that there are heaps to do as this is a pilot and I am expected to stay for a month with the possibilities of extension.

I will be staying at Marlin Apartments same as last time but the one near Mansion House instead of in South Bank. It is about three tube stations away from Globe House at Temple Place where I am working. I will walk to work daily and hope it will be able to offset the food intake during lunch. The office in Globe House is well known for its food and is provided free to the employees.

That’s all for now and let me see how I am going to kill the next 1 hour and 55 minutes. Since I haven’t leisure surf in ages, that will be a start.

Take care.

Benny Ong

P/S: This post is courtesy of the FREE WiFi offered at KLIA. Please note that most airports charge for WiFi Access. Kudos to Malaysia!