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I went to the The Curve on the day my car was stolen. What better movie to watch to escape reality than Too Fast To Furious. Well, ironic isn’t it? To watch a movie about cars when my own car was stolen. I can’t moan and stay sad all day, now can I. To be honest, I wanted to check out the new Cathay Cineplex as well.

I really enjoyed the movie very much and am crazy about the theme song when the lead character drove into the multi storey parking lot. I manage to track down a video which plays that song from Teriyaki Boyz and feature clips from the movie. I hope you enjoy it.

I had various feedback on the movie with some saying it is the worse of the franchise. To my taste, it is the best Fast and Furious movie and am proud it is directed by an Asian guy. Some complained that the movie was all about cars. Duh! What do you expect? An epic battle scene from lord of the rights as the climax? Well, I stand by my statement as it being the best in the 3 movies.

That’s all folks…

Benny Ong XXX