» I Am Still Alive

Well, it has been a while since I really sat down and write a proper post. The reason is that I have been busy experimenting on several online projects (just an excuse). One of them involves messing around with a couple of blogs to get more hits for all of my sites. I have set a few targets like generating more visits to my whole network of sites and even redesigning some.

One of my new implementation is to have adsense featured on most pages. However, there are some sites which I can do so because of professionalism. For example, I can’t have a web hosting company website that advertises competitors service.

Enough said about my online projects. Well, I went to Giant Bayan Baru just now and was surprised to see them having three troleys filled up with equal amount of products purchased from three different stores which were Giant themselves, Tesco and Carrefour. They enlarged the receipts of each purchases with an emphasis on the total price. Giant obviously sum up to be the cheapest with roughly about RM 60 (if I remembered right) of savings compared to Tesco which turned out to be the most expensive. Is good to see such healthy competition going on that will benefit the consumers. When will they actually have TV ads for it I wonder.

I will be getting a new PC tomorrow from the Penang PC Fair at PISA. It will be a tight month for me after that purchase because I still have my bills and car loan to pay. Hopefully, I will get through it.

Well, can’t wait to go bargaining tomorrow.

Till next time, take care…

Benny Ong XXX

P/S: By the way, I just launched a new blog called Malaysia Top News.